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FileMarker.NET Free

Version: 2.2

File Size: 10.4 Mb

Price: FREE!

No Spyware or Adware!

System requirements
Windows 7, 8, 10
or Windows 11.
x32 or x64 editions

Spruce up your files with FileMarker.NET Free

A freeware add-on for Windows lets you mark files with color-coded or image coded icons to make a search for important information a "one-glance" affair. Mac users have been enjoying file color-coding for years and now you are able to do the same on your PC with FileMarker.NET. Plus, this is 100% free.

Using the program is extremely easy - the context menu is opened by right-clicking the necessary file. Custom file icons are applied immediately after the user selects the corresponding command.

FileMarker.NET Free is simple, but a powerful productivity-boosting tool that will help you mark and prioritize the most important files, separate your files from others' files, optimize your daily work and work environment and, finally, liven up your file lists by adding non-standard icons and colors.

This edition of FileMarker.NET contains only basic functions so it is good for beginners. Here you can compare FileMarker.NET Free with other editions of FileMarker.NET.


"Mark File" popup menu:
"Mark File" menu will appear for any file in your system after installing of FileMarker.NET

Main window:
FileMarker.NET's main window

Key features:

  • For HOME, non-commercial use only!
  • FileMarker.NET can change a file icon with one mouse click
  • FileMarker.NET can mark files by priority (high, normal, low), by degree of work complete (done, half-done, planned) and by the type of the information contained in a file (work files, important files, temp files, private files).
  • FileMarker.NET can change a file's color: 7 colors build-in.
  • FileMarker.NET changes file icons from a popup menu of the files. To mark a file, you don't even need to run the program!
  • FileMarker.NET can work with several files at once
  • The program allows to color-mark a file, or add a label to it, or use a combination of a color and a label.
  • FileMarker.NET supports 32-bits icons

And what's more - FileMarker.NET is FREE! Click here and compare FileMarker.NET Free with other editions of FileMarker.NET.